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Johnny Utah 04-24-2009 21:52

48-96 Pros and Cons?
Why do you folks like or dont like this work schedule? Did most people in the department want the change? Did the old timers fight it? And did anyone want to switch back afterwards?


firstin 04-25-2009 18:33

Re: 48-96 Pros and Cons?
For those that are not working the 48/96 you are missing out. The 2 days on go by really fast. The biggest Pro is that if you take 48 off you off for 10 days. if you take 96 off your off for 16. You can't beat that. Every department needs to go to this!!!!:)

iveseenfire 04-27-2009 23:24

Re: 48-96 Pros and Cons?
I've worked the 48/96 and the XOXOXOXOOOOXOXOXOXOOOOOO 4's and 6's schedule.

Hands down, the 48/96 is the best schedule for the firefighter and fire department. Projects are easier to get done, sleep is more consistent, travel time is knocked down, station cleaning is more efficient, less trips screwing around and more time getting stuff done.

I wish they'd make it mandatory.

Johnny Utah 04-28-2009 13:19

Re: 48-96 Pros and Cons?
iveseenfire- How has the issue OT been addressed? Working the 72s are ok for most people? Or do they grabs the days in the middle and make it a 24 hour shift only?

iveseenfire 04-28-2009 13:37

Re: 48-96 Pros and Cons?
Most guys shoot for your day between -- no one wants to trash the 4 or 6 day. The entire idea of being too busy to work 2 days in a row is bogus, because most guys will work 3 or 5 days in a row on the on/off rotation if the overtime's available.

boone 04-30-2009 19:29

Re: 48-96 Pros and Cons?
Kern County has worked the 48 on 48 off 48 on 48 off 48 on 192 off. Even better than the 48 on 96 off. Worked it for 34 years and wouldn't have wanted to change to anything else. You can't beat 8 days off almost twice a month.

Bou 04-30-2009 19:34

Re: 48-96 Pros and Cons?
boone- You are right, the 2-2-2-8 schedule is also nice. I cant blame you for liking it. The 2-4 seems to be an ideal for the commuting people allowing them to go to work about once a week.

They are both winners over the Detroit/Berkeley schedule.

snowball 04-30-2009 20:41

Re: 48-96 Pros and Cons?
Been working the 2-4 for about 8 years now. The old timers resisted it big time. Once they worked it for about a month, they were completely against going back to the 24-48.

Bou 04-30-2009 22:32

Re: 48-96 Pros and Cons?
Why are the old timers always a pain in the ass?

snowball 04-30-2009 23:03

Re: 48-96 Pros and Cons?
Thier excuse was that they fought hard for the 24-48 after switching from the modified California Kelley and they didn't want to work an extra day. go figure.

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