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Default Dustin Calley, City of Chowchilla Fire Department

CHOWCHILLA, Calif. - The Chowchilla Fire Department is grieving 25-year-old Dustin Calley. The volunteer firefighter was killed in a crash on Thursday.

Chowchilla Fire's strength may not be in numbers but heart is something it doesn't lack, with just 23 firefighters coming into Thursday morning.

"Our Chief got the call and that's when we found out. And I left with the Chief and went to the hospital with him," said volunteer firefighter, Jerry Volkmar.

Now a team of 22, after Dustin Calley's unexpected death. Calley was headed to work on his motorcycle when Madera Police say 67-year-old Cary Chaffin failed to yield at the intersection of Pine and Oak Streets, crashing into Calley.

Jerry Volkmar has been a firefighter for six years. He knew Calley's father who passed away in 2013. Last August, Calley took an oath to become a volunteer firefighter.

"His dad would have been very proud of him. Very proud," said Volkmar.

The flag is half staff at the Chowchilla Fire Station. Volkmar says every firefighter is devastated after losing the man they call a brother. Volkmar says calley was fearless on the job and took pride in helping the people of Chowchilla.

"For volunteers to step in, we don't get paid for it. We show up and we help out any way we can and he was part of that. He went through his training every Thursday night, showed up and did whatever was asked of him," said Volkmar.

Police say Chaffin took a field sobriety test. Officers determined he was under the influence of marijuana. Results of his blood test will be sent to the District Attorney to add a DUI charge. But it won't bring back the fallen firefighter.

"It's not fair," said Volkmar.

The Chowchilla Volunteer Fire Department will be taking donations this Sunday from 12 P.M. - 4 P.M. at the Shell gas station on Chowchilla Blvd.
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Default Re: Dustin Calley, City of Chowchilla Fire Department

What a shame. Condolences to City of Chowchilla Fire Department and the Calley family.
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