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Default LODD- Luster Knight, Alameda County Fire Department

Many people in town and the Alameda County Fire Department remember Knight as a man who was committed to helping others in need, especially during the holidays.

“I remember the barbecue for his retirement, and how sad the firefighters were to see him leave,” said Rose Padilla, executive director of the Davis Street Community Center. “But I was happy, because I knew he would be coming to work with us as a volunteer.”

Padilla says Knight had a reputation as a relentless advocate for families in need in the community, and always helped bring something extra to the Davis Street Family Resource center around the holidays.

One year, Padilla recalls Knight suggesting giving away bikes to children, in addition to the holiday baskets that the center would hand out. The next year, the idea had blossomed into 300 bikes which were given away.

“Luster was so unique because he drew people to him,” said Padilla, “He made the experience of giving something that everyone could be involved in and he got the entire community involved, whether fire fighters, police, or elected officials.”

Luster’s career as a fire fighter began in 1966 when he volunteered at the Camp Parks Job Corps center in Dublin. In the summer of 1968, Knight went to work for the Sunol Forestry Department, then he became a fire fighter at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for the next ten years.

Knight came to the San Leandro Fire Department in 1978 which joined the Alameda County Fire Department in 1995, and he retired in 2007. After retirement, Knight volunteered full time at the Davis Street Family Resource Center.

Former Assistant Chief Brian McKenna, who served as Captain during Knight’s tenure at Station 11, has many fond memories. McKenna worked with Knight for 31 years and was continuously surprised by his ability to reach out to others in the community, either with kind words, or actions.

“He changed so many lives, and he was very capable of handling chaotic situations,” says McKenna. “He came into the department and changed people’s opinions, taught us about giving back to the community, and so many people respected him for that.”
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Default Re: LODD- Luster Knight, Alameda County Fire Department

Luster Knights Tribute Bench and Fountain at the San Leandro Marina in District 10. Gone but never forgotten.

Luster Knight Memorial (located in Marina Park, on your right just before you enter the par course trail)

In Honor of Luster Knight: June 2, 1949 – October 24, 2008

Luster Knight was loved by all and an inspiration to everyone who knew him. He was an Alameda County Firefighter and a well-known advocate who worked tirelessly and enthusiastically for the betterment of the San Leandro community.

As an African American child growing up in the South, Luster had personal experience of being prohibited from using a drinking fountain in a neighborhood park due to his skin color. That experience was the beginning of his belief that parks and their amenities should be available and accessible to all.

This fire engine red drinking fountain represents Luster’s passion for inclusivity, accessibility and being a Firefighter. Marina Park was his favorite park.

It is hoped that this Memorial, and Luster Knight’s years of service will be an inspiration for others to work tirelessly and enthusiastically for the betterment of their community.

This Memorial made possible by:

San Leandro City Council and the Recreation and Parks Commission; Alameda County Fire, Local 55; Davis Street Family Resource Center; Leadership San Leandro

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Good to remember him posthumously. Nice work by all parties involved!!

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Default Re: LODD- Luster Knight, Alameda County Fire Department

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