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Cool PLEASE HELP- Los Angeles County Firefighter battling cancer, GOFUNDME

Please allow me to introduce my dear friend Cary Flebbe who has been a part of my life for over 25 years. Cary is a wonderful father to his two kids Cade and Taylor, as well as a dedicated husband to his wife Heather. Cary is a talented athlete and is one of the toughest guys I know. Cary has spent much of his life serving the community as a Lifeguard for the County of Los Angleles where he has had the honor of saving many lives and rendering emergency aid.

This past year, at the age of 48, Cary took on a new adventure when he was accepted to attend the fire academy for the County of Los Angeles Fire Department. It was Cary's Lifelong dream to become a firefighter and there was no doubt that Cary would be able to complete the arduous training. During the fire academy training, Cary excelled and was by all accounts a leader of his academy class.

Two weeks before graduation, Cary went to the doctor's office because he had a persistent cough. While at the doctors, a chest x-ray was taken and a mass was discovered in Cary's upper right lung. Cary was immediately sent to a specialist where it was later confirmed that the mass was cancer caused by melanoma. Although this terrible news has been a shock to us all, Cary was still able to graduate from the fire academy and is now a firefighter for the County of Los Angeles. Because of the seriousness of Cary's cancer, he has been assigned to a modified work schedule until he starts his treatment.

In the next few weeks, Cary will have a new challenge to take on. Cary has a significant battle ahead which will require all of his strength during his upcoming medical procedures and treatments. Melanoma cancer is a very serious disease and very difficult to treat when it has spread to the lungs. Very often melanoma has a high rate of returning requiring additional treatment.

I can tell you from my experience as a cancer survivor, being diagnosed and treated for cancer will have a significant negative financial impact on Cary and the entire Flebbe Family.

Please join me in support of Cary, Heather, Cade, Taylor, and the entire Flebbe Family as he battles this serious illness. Your love and support will be greatly appreciated!
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Default Re: Los Angeles County Firefighter battling cancer

What an amazing guy! Went through LA County's academy at 48?!? This dude is tough! He'll beat this.
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Default Re: Los Angeles County Firefighter battling cancer

Moved to proper section....Admin
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Default Re: PLEASE HELP- Los Angeles County Firefighter battling cancer, GOFUNDME

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