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Default Re: Kelly 4/6

Originally Posted by rvcemt View Post
Has anyone ever switched from Kelly 4/6 to 48/96 ?
Oroville fire department did. They worked the Kelly 4/6 and went to 48s a few years back. All members love it from what I hear.
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Default Re: Kelly 4/6

Originally Posted by acastro82 View Post
I started on a dept that had the Kelly 4/6 and now I am on a dept that runs a 48/96. I like the 48/96; yeah the Kelly is nice in that you get to go home every other night and the 6 days off are nice too buuuuut if you work at a busy, night house on the Kelly, you can get crushed then have to go home, try to rest, the repeat the next day. I'll take getting crushed for 2 days then getting the 4 off to recover. Also as stated above, cuts down on the commute
^^ agreed, we just switched to 48/96 and itís way better. You donít have those in between days after long nights. The joke here is that our schedule is Monday/ Friday / Saturday Saturday/ Sunday Sunday. There is so much more time to have your body catch up.
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